This treatment is for those who suffer with excessive sweating (known as hyperhidrosis). Excessive sweating can cause anxiety and embarrassment leading to exclusion from some daily and specific activities. This treatment requires a face to face consultation prior to treatment to allow Emma to assess the health of the client and discuss any concerns. Following consultation, as Emma is a nurse prescriber, a prescription of the product can be ordered in for the next appointment.

The treatment of choice is similar to anti-wrinkle injections, is Botulinum type A, commonly known as Botox®. This has been used for over 20 years in the cosmetic industry, with very few side effects and few contraindications for its use. Tiny amounts of botulinum type A are injected under the skin in the armpit area. This can reduce sweating as early as 2-5 days, with full affect at 14 days. Treatment can last typically up to 9 months, although some studies suggest longer.

Other stimulants that can cause excessive sweating to be considered are drinking strong caffeine drinks or alcohol, eating spicy foods, exercise, environmental temperature, stress & anxiety. Some of these can be avoided or reduced to also minimise excessive sweating.

Aftercare advice will be provided.

All consultations are free and non-obligatory