Fat dissolving injections are to reduce stubborn adipose tissue. For those trying to gain slimmer jawlines, backs of arms, inner thighs, lower back or tummy areas this could be a treatment for you.

This is recommended for those with a BMI less than 35 and for those committed to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.

If you have stubborn areas of fat that won’t budge, fat dissolving injections can help reduce fat in those areas. Along with a healthy balanced diet and a recommended firming cream, results can be seen from after three treatments. 

Phosphocol is the product used and this is injected under the skin and causes the fat cells to break down and become more soluble, which helps the body eliminate them. 

This treatment is not a magic alternative to dieting or exercising. If you are working hard to loose weight and lead a healthy balanced life style but find some areas troublesome then this treatment can help with those difficult areas.