Post Botox® Advice

  • Allow up to 2 weeks for full affect
  • Some bruising is to be expected
  • Avoid heat treatments, exercise, laying flat or putting head upside down for 4 hours
  • Avoid alcohol for 4 hours
  • Do not rub treated area for 24 hours
  • Seek advice if concerned
  • Review appointment is 2 weeks

Cryotherapy Advice

Cryotherapy treatments are safe and effective, with excellent results. However, aftercare is important for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Treatment is usually painless, but can cause some initial irritation, itching or numbness which should resolve within a few hours.

  • Redness or a blister may occur initially and a small scab can occur up to 2-4 weeks, do not pick or burst either.
  • Do not scratch or pick the affected area
  • Most healing can take up to 4-6 weeks
  • You can shower/wash as normal including using makeup or moisturise creams.
  • Skin tags will turn dark from the base and fall off
  • Milia usually flatten and vanish
  • Pigmentation areas may become red, raised but will reduce in a few hours, then a dry crust will form, when crust falls away new skin will be pink & shiny, apply SPF 50 to prevent further pigmentation occurring
  • Cherry Angioma may go red and raised, but is likely to vanish over 2-4 weeks
  • Warts & verrucas, are viral infections so may need more than 1 treatment, repeat after 4 weeks, black spots can occur.
  • Pigmented moles, may darken and form a crust, this will come away and the tissue will shrink & be paler, it will slowly blend into normal pigment of your skin over several weeks, it is important use SPF 50
  • If any of the affected areas are weeping or sore after 2 weeks you must contact Emma for advice.
    a review appointment is advised at 4 weeks

Post Dermaplaning advice

  • Some redness to the skin is expected for up to 24 hours
  • Follow the skin care advice you have been given and ensure SPF 40 or above is worn every day
  • Avoid any heat treatments, laser treatment, electrolysis or waxing for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid the use of exfoliating products retinoid acid, AHA or BHA for 24-48 hours
  • You may resume your usual skin care routine 24 hours following treatment
  • Seek advice if concerned

Post chemical peel advice

Alumier MD chemical peels are tailored individually for your skin requirements and are light to medium depth peel, so downtime is less than deeper peels. Post skin care advice is the following;

  • Some redness to the skin may appear up to 12 hours and some light flakiness may occur day 3 to 7 post peel
  • Use the post treatment pack as advised and remember do not cleanse the evening of the treatment
  • Avoid any heat treatments, laser treatment, electrolysis or waxing for 7-14 days
  • Avoid picking or pulling off any flaky skin
  • Avoid the use of exfoliating products retinoid acid, AHA or BHA for 14 days post peel
  • Avoid applying ice on the affected area
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and swimming pools for 2 days
  • Its ideal to allow the skin to rest overnight; however makeup can be applied if necessary
    Seek advice if concerned