All Consultations with Emma now require a £25 booking fee, this will be reimbursed towards a treatment when purchased within 3 months

Injectable treatments

Consultations (30 mins)

Treatment of lines and wrinkle for Women (Price includes free review) (30 mins)

1 area £175, 2 areas £200, 3 areas £250

Treatment of lines and wrinkles for Men (Price includes free review) (30 mins)

1 area £225, 2 areas £250, 3 areas £300

Dermal Fillers from £250 per ml (Cannula or needle technique)

Consultations (30 mins)

Cheeks, Lips, Nasolabial lines, Marionette lines, Smokers Lines, Jawline, Chin and more


£275 one area of treatment (2 treatments required a month apart)

Skin Booster treatments (45 mins per treatment)

Redensity 1  Course of 3 is £450

Sunekos Course of 4 is £500

NCTF Beauti-Eye Treatment a course of 3 is £450

Bio-Nutrilift (Using Dermal filler and NCTF Skin booster injected using cannula only)

1 area £450, 2 areas £750

The areas that can be treated include upper face, cheeks, peri-oral area or the lower face or jawline

Fat dissolving injection treatments (45 mins)

£150 per area, 3 treatments are recommended

Typical treated areas include, neck & chin, back of arms, liner thighs, over thighs and abdomen/tummy

Microneedling (45 mins)

Full face £175 with NCTF skin booster (Course of 3 full face £450)

Skintox (45mins)

£250 full face of Toxin and Skin booster (1 treatment recommended every 3 months)

Plasmage treatment, Skin Imperfection Removal Treatments (30 mins)


1 area start from £295 (areas mainly treated are upper or lower eyelids, neck lines, bar code lines around the mouth)

Cryotherapy to remove face & body skin imperfections (Pigmentations, skin tags & more)

Prices start from £55 

Thread Vein removal 

Prices start from £75 per area

Skin tightening & Firming treatments (No Needle)

Radio frequency Facial treatment

1 area £85 each  (Course of 4 £295.00) (45 mins)

2 areas 125.00 each  (Course of 4 £395.00) (65 mins)

Radio Frequency & DermaPlaning £115 (55 mins)

Radio Frequency & Microneedling £250 (60 mins)

Facial treatments using Medical grade products 

Dermaplaning treatments (DP) with AlumierMD professional products 

DP with Hydrating face treatment from £55 (35mins)

DP Resurfacing chemical peel 1, from £99 (55 mins)

DP with Radio frequency from £115 (55 mins)


Face and neck treatments with AlumierMD professional treatments

Exfoliating & hydrating face treatment from £55 (35 mins)

Resurfacing chemical peel face treatment from £85 (45 mins)

Resurfacing and Chemical peels are now classified into 3 strengths

Peel one is light to medium from £85

Peel two is medium strength from £99

Peel three is the strongest peel from £125

Add on to any of treatments are from £15, for example add on ‘eye pads £15’, add on ‘retinol peel £15’, add on ‘extra layer of glow peel £15’