So, What Exactly is AlumierMD Putting into Your Skin and where can I purchase Alumier MD?

Here’s some of the ingredients and what they do….

Asorbic acid (Vitamin C)
What does it do on the skin?
Alumier MD award winning freshly activated Vitamin C&E provide 15% of ascorbic acid to your skin, acting as your antioxidant, to reduce further UV damage to your skin. By stimulating your own collagen & elastin your skin will look brighter fresher and more radiant.

Opuntia Ficus-indica
What does it do?
Opuntia Ficus-Indica is a sustainable cactus extract used to help calm and hydrate the skin, which is an excellent ingredient for hydration & building a protective layer on the skin

Boswellia Serrata Extract
What does it do?
Boswellia Serrata Extract is a fragrant plant extract with anti-inflammatory properties, excellent for this with inflammation caused by acne .

What does it do?
The arnica plant belongs to the sunflower family and has been used to relieve joint and muscle pain and swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica also helps to soothe the skin.

What does it do?
Resveratrol, found in grape seeds and wine, is celebrated in the scientific community, not only for its antioxidant properties but also as one of the more effective ways to combat acne inflammation and reducing bacteria.

What does it do?
Oligopeptide-10, which is known to work well with salicylic acid, is an antimicrobial peptide that comes from plant amino acids. It’s an effective ingredient formulated to improve acne blemishes.

What does it do?
Bisabolol is an extract from the German Chamomile as well as the bark of the Candeia tree that has anti-inflammatory properties. Bisabolol helps with the skin’s healing process by moisturizing and helps restore damage from the sun or environmental factors. Bisabolol offers soothing support to the skin

Sea Whip Extract
What does it do?
Sea Whip Extract, also known as gorgonian extract, is derived from a marine organism called sea whip, which is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource in the Caribbean Sea. Sea Whip Extract serves as an effective anti-inflammatory, perfect for redness-prone and sensitive skin.

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