Skin rejuvenation and Eye treatments

Profhilo face

These treatments are very popular for those wanting a natural look and those who do not wish to have dermal filler or toxin injectable treatments to reduce fine lines.

This is also perfect for those wanting to hydrate their skin and achieve that natural healthy but rejuvenated  glowing skin. The treatment can help reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and collagen by drawing in water to the skin and stimulating the fibroblast cells responsible for that of young firmer looking skin.

These treatment have a reduced risk compared to that of fillers. This is because the amino acids, vitamin and hyaluronic acid ingredients are lower density and naturally found within the skin already. They are absorbed under the skin and draw in moisture and therefore do not cause an initial volume result that you might see with dermal fillers.

Two treatments a month apart, repeat every 6 months

Price starts from £275 per area per treatment

Profhilo Body

Using a larger quantity of the award winning skin booster Profhilo this treatment can be used on the ageing skin of the décolletage area, loose skin on backs of arms, stretch marks or loose tummy skin, loose skin on elbow or knees. 2 treatments are required a month apart every 4-6 months

This treatment includes post treatment skin patches and a body cream

Price starts from £350 per area per treatment

Eye rejuvenation can be treated with NCTF, Redensity 1 or Nucleofill.

NCTF or Redensity 1 are skin boosters that are injected delicately under the eye area to improve the skin appearance and skin quality. Three treatments are advised two weeks apart every 3-6 months.

Both procedures can take up to 45 minutes and involves the skin being prepared for tiny injections under the skin.  The needles used are extremely tiny and therefore minimal discomfort is felt; however to reduce any discomfort topical anaesthetic can be applied.

Prices start from £150 per treatment

The Nucleofill treatment will also rejuvenate the eye area whilst improving the appearance of those with  hollowness under eyes, eye bags and skin pigmentations. using a cannula  (blunt needle) the watery product is placed under the skin which stimulates cell renewal, creating firmer, thicker skin and tissue around the eye. Two treatments initially and then one every 6 months are advised.

Price starts from £300 per treatment

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