This treatment is very popular for those who do not wish to have dermal filler or toxin injectable treatments to reduce fine lines .

This is also perfect for those wanting to hydrate their skin and achieve that natural healthy but rejuvenated  glowing skin. The treatment can help reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and collagen by drawing in water to the skin and stimulating the fibroblast cells responsible for that of young firmer looking skin.

The treatment is much safer than fillers as the amino acids, vitamin and hyaluronic acid ingredients are lower density and naturally found within the skin already. They are absorbed under the skin and draw in moisture and therefore do not cause an initial volume result that you might see with dermal fillers.

The procedure can take up to 45 minutes and involves the skin being prepared for tiny injections under the skin.  The needles used are extremely tiny and therefore minimal discomfort is felt; however to reduce any discomfort topical anaesthetic is always applied.

Areas commonly treated are around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, neck and hands.

With a full course of treatments the results can usually last up 9-12 months depending on the skin type.

Free consultations are provided.